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Bang Bang Orangutang

OT: Bang Bang Orangutang

Simon Staho // Denmark, 2005
Fiction Feature // FF2006



When he unintentionally kills his son in a freak accident, self-possessed businessman Åke finds his life unravelling. In sheer desperation he attaches himself to a bar acquaintance only to find out that love cannot be forced. The legendary The Clash contributed the soundtrack.


Simon Staho, born in 1972, made his feature film debut with"Vilspor" (1998). Since then he has directed the feature films "Dag och Natt" (2004) with Pernilla August and Maria Bonnevie, "Bang Bang OrangUtang" (2005), "Daisy Diamond" (2007) and "Heaven’s Heart" (2008).


Bang Bang Orangutang

Fiction Feature


Agenda 06//FF2006



100 min


Simon Staho

Peter Asmussen, Simon Staho

Mikael Persbrandt, Lena Olin, Michael Nyqvist, Fares Fares

Jonas Frederiksen

Kim Høgh Mikkelsen, Eric Kress

Janus Billeskov Jansen

Joachim Holbek

Kia Nordqvist

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