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The Eight Trigrams (Gossip)

OT: Ba Gua

Huang Xiang // People's Republic of China, 2014
Experimental // FF2015



A tired steel worker listens as her colleagues gossip. After a while, she escapes into the lush, flower-filled meadows of her imagination. The eight trigrams of the title refer to a traditional practice of fortune-telling in China. When the expression eight trigrams occurs nowadays, it means chitchat. Huang Xiang questions the relationship between illusion and reality. Universal order or idle talk? All a question of perspective. This film is part of the special series “Chinese Independent Cinema”.


HUANG XIANG (*1974) lives and works in Beijing. He was arrested for his performance piece Jasmine Flower and his artistic work and exhibitions were subsequently banned. Today he dedicates himself mainly to independent film-making.


Ba Gua



Asia Express//FF2015

People's Republic of China


78 min

OV with German and English subtitles

Huang Xiang

Childish Film Studio

Bai Yanjun

Huang Xiang, Liu Yingxia, Cui Kai, He Jian

Huang Xiang

Childish Film Studio

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