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Little Knights' Tale

OT: Ať žijí rytíři!

Karel Janák // Czech Republic, 2009
Fiction Feature // FF2010



The story of the Little Knights‘ Tale adventure comedy brings us to the dark recesses of a mighty castle and a nearby manor which loom defiantly in close neighbourhood, surrounded by a deep forest. The peaceful living is disturbed by an unexpected event. Martin from Vamberk, a virtuous knight and a caring father of five children, is denounced for witchcraft and plundering expeditions. And so he departs for the royal court to defend his honour, leaving the fortress in the hands of his eldest son Peter and his siblings.


Karel Janák (*1970)born in the Czech Republic, is filmmakerwho works for cinema and TV. He also worksas a scriptwriter.



Ať žijí rytíři!

Fiction Feature



Czech Republic


105 min


Karel Janák

Karel Janák

David Prachar, Pavel Kríž, Danny Mesaroš, Ivana Korolová

Boris Krištof

Martin Preiss

Martin Kirov

Ondřej Brzobohatý, Miroslav Chyška

Jakub Javora

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