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The Ape Star

OT: Apstjärnan

Linda Hambäck // Sweden, Denmark, Norway, 2021
Animation // FF2021
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Age recommendation: 6 years and older.

ANIMATION Orphan Jonna‘s long-held wish is finally coming true. She’s finally going to have a Mum. But it’s a shock to find out that the lady in question is a gorilla that lives in a scrapyard! Jonna quickly realizes that this unusual Mum is very loving and they have a lot of fun together. But Jonna’s new home is soon under threat from a greedy businessman who wants to build a swimming pool. And Jonna and her new Mum are not going to let that happen!


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LINDA HAMBÄCK (*1974) makes animated shorts for children. She was born in South Korea and studied in Sweden at the University for Film, Radio, TV and Theatre. Her first feature Gordon & Paddy was shown in 2018 in the MICHEL section.


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Sweden, Denmark, Norway


74 min

German overvoice

Linda Hambäck

Jan Vierth, basierend auf einem Buch von Frida Nilsson

Rebecca Gerstmann, Pernilla August, Melinda Kinnaman, Stellan Skarsgård

Petter Lindblad, Linda Hambäck, Tonje Skar Reiersen, Lise Fernley, Claus Toksvig, Frederik Villumsen

Gabriel Mkrttchian

Linda Hambäck, Ulf Flittig Tønder

Tania Naranjo, Minna Weurlander

Swedish Film Institute / Attraction Distribution

Lee Film

Mikrofilm; Nørlum; Film i Väst; Sveriges Television

Theo Tasppos, Swedish Film Institute: theo.tsappos@sfi.se


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