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António Um Dois Três

OT: António Um Dois Três

Leonardo Mouramateus // Brazil, Portugal, 2017
Fiction Feature // FF2017
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When António is thrown out of the family flat by his father, he seeks refuge at his ex-girlfriend’s, where he meets a mysterious Brazilian called Débora. He also meets a young playwright, who is labouring to produce his first play. In the anonymous bustle of the big city of Lisbon, these three destinies are intertwined, and at the same time the borders between fantasy and reality begin to blur. Inspired by the Dostoyevsky novella »White Nights«, this debut feature portrays the fears and emotional sensibilities of today’s youth.


LEONARDO MOURAMATEUS (*1991) is the newcomer in Brazilian film. His shorts Mauro in Cayenne (2013) and The Party and the Barking (2015) won numerous prizes. In 2015, the Cinémathèque française dedicated a retrospective to his work.



António Um Dois Três

Fiction Feature



Brazil, Portugal


95 min

OV with English subtitles

Leonardo Mouramateus

Leonardo Mouramateus

Mauro Soares, Deborah Viegas, Mariana Dias, Daniel Pizamiglio, João Fiadeiro, Sandra Hung, Hugo Pereira, Carolina Thadeu, Sofia Dinger, Miguel Nunes, Joana Cotrim, Filipe Pereira

Leonardo Mouramateus, Miguel Ribeiro, Gustavo Beck

Aline Belfort

Raul Domingues, Leonardo Mouramateus


Irina Batalha, Mafalda Miranda, Patrícia Ameixial

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