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Letters for Amina

OT: Aminas Breve

Jacob Bitsch // Denmark, Germany, 2017
Fiction Feature // FF2017



The only things that give Janus hope during his time in a psychiatric clinic are letters from his old schoolfriend Amina. Then one day they stop coming. The young man fears the worst and as soon as he is released sets out in search of her. Amina saved him, now he wants to do the same for her. But the more obsessively he infiltrates Amina’s life, the more Janus puts himself in jeopardy. He’s in danger of losing himself in a web of violence and paranoia. The psycho-thriller balances on the knife-edge between reality and insanity and repeatedly crosses the borders between genres.


JACOB BITSCH (*1976) studied film direction in New York and at the Copenhagen film school. His debut feature Camping was released in 2009, Letters for Amina is his second.



Aminas Breve

Fiction Feature



Denmark, Germany


88 min

OV with English subtitles

Jacob Bitsch

Anders Ølholm

Esben Smed Jensen, Lisa Carlehed, Siir Tilif, Omar Shargawi, Hans Henrik Clemensen

Brigitte Skov, Signe Leick Jensen, Morten Kaufmann, Andrea Schütte, Dirk Decker

Niels Buchholzer

Søren B. Ebbe

Lukas Julian Lentz

Knirke Madelung

Ulrike Dotzer, Barbara Häbe

Toolbox Film; Tamtam Film

Mathieu Dolenc, Tamtam Film: md@tamtamfilm.com

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