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Everything Is Relative

OT: Alt er relativt

Mikala Krogh // Denmark, 2008
Documentary Feature // FF2008



Do we all feel the same when we are sad, happy, angry or in love? Does a woman with breast cancer feel similar pain to a family who lose their home in a flood? Is a Bangladeshi slave in Dubai in a similar emotional state as a US soldier in Iraq? Do we share a universal set of values or do they but mirror our ways of living? A mix of documentary and stock material constitutes this cinematographic study.


Mikala Krogh (*1973) studied documentarydirectingat the Danske Filmskole in Copenhagen.She worked several years at the radio,before she gave her directing debut in 1992.


Alt er relativt

Documentary Feature

Danish, English, Indian, Japanese

Agenda 08//FF2008



75 min


Mikala Krogh

Mogens Rukov

Christian Rank

Manuel Alberto Claro, Adam Philp

Theis Schmidt

Joachim Holbek

Rasmus Cold

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