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Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim

OT: Ali Mea'za we Ibrahim

Sherif El Bendari // Egypt, France, 2016
Fiction Feature // FF2017



Ali is convinced that his dead girlfriend has been reincarnated as a goat. Ali’s mother, on the other hand, thinks he son isn’t right in the head and sends him to a healer. There he meets Ibrahim, a sound engineer who hears voices. For the shaman, it’s clear that both men have been cursed and will only be able to free themselves by throwing three magic stones into the Nile, the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. Ali, the goat and Ibrahim set out on a turbulent trip across Egypt. A road movie, by turns bizarre, funny and touching, and a parable of a country caught between the traditional and the modern.


SHERIF EL BENDARI (*1978) studied at the Cairo film school and has made a number of documentaries for Al Jazeera as well as award-winning shorts. Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim is his debut feature.



Ali Mea'za we Ibrahim

Fiction Feature



Egypt, France


90 min

OV with English subtitles

Sherif El Bendari

Ahmed Amer

Ali Sobhy, Ahmed Magdy, Nahed El Sebai, Salwa Mohamed Aly, Osama Abu El Ata

Mohamed Hefzy, Hossam Elouan

Amr Farouk

Emad Maher

Ahmed Elsawy

Ahmed Fayez

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