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The Reports on Sarah and Saleem

OT: Al-Taqareer Hawl Sarah Wa Saleem

Muayad Alayan // Palestine, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2018
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An affair of the heart becomes an affair of state: a Palestinian drama that takes the upheavals between Arabs and Jews to another, unusual level. Sex in the back of a truck – that just about sums up the affair between Sarah and Saleem. They meet several times a week, as soon as he’s finished delivering his pastries and she’s shut her café. Their affair is given added piquancy not just by the fact that they’re both married, but because Sarah is Israeli and Saleem Palestinian. When the pair are spotted together, the intelligence services on both sides take an interest in Saleem, because Sarah’s husband is no ordinary Israeli, but a high-ranking officer.


MUAYAD ALAYAN (*1985) studied film in San Francisco and is the co-founder of a collective of film creatives with offices in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. His debut feature Love, Theft and Other Entanglements had its premiere in 2015 in the Panorama section of the Berlinale.



Al-Taqareer Hawl Sarah Wa Saleem

Fiction Feature

Arabic, Hebrew, English


Palestine, Netherlands, Germany, Mexico


127 min

OV with German subtitles

Muayad Alayan

Rami Alayan

Adeeb Safadi, Sivane Kretchner, Ishai Golan, Maisa Abd Elhadi

Muayad Alayan, Rami Alayan, Rebekka Garrido, Hans de Wolf, Hanneke Niens, Rodrigo Iturralde, Georgina Gonzalez, Alejandro Duran, Amal Alayan

Sebastian Bock

Sameer Qumsiyeh

Charlie Rishmawi, Tarik Abu Salameh, Frank Gelat

Bashar Hassuneh

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