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To the Center of the Earth

OT: Al Centro De La Tierra

Daniel Rosenfeld // Argentina, 2015
Hybrid // FF2015
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Hybrid film Did anyone else see that thing in the sky apart from Antonio Zuleta? What drives an experienced, reticent man to plunge into such an obsessive investigation in the Argentinian Andes? The motor is his belief. Antonio believes in UFOs. And he believes he has filmed them with his video camera. Now he wants to find out what these extraterrestrial tourists are doing here. Antonio’s children observe him – and turn the camera on him as he did on the aliens. Told with humour and charm, To the Center of the Earth is the story of an expedition to another dimension. The film won a prize at the FIDMarseille documentary film festival.


DANIEL ROSENFELD (*1973) started out making experimental shorts, before turning to documentaries, although his first efforts cannot really be assigned to any particular genre. His film Chimera of Heroes (2003) won an award at the Venice film festival.


Al Centro De La Tierra






84 min

OV with English subtitles

Daniel Rosenfeld

Daniel Rosenfeld

Antonio Zuleta

Daniel Rosenfeld, Serge Lalou, Charlotte Uzu, Heino Deckert, Annemiek Van Gorp, Renné Goossens, Javier Leoz, Agusto G. Zapiola

Ramiro Civita

Lorenzo Bombicci

Jorge Arriagada

Daniel Rosenfeld, Javier Leoz

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