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OT: Ailleurs, Partout

Isabelle Ingold, Vivianne Perelmuter // Belgium, 2020
Documentary Feature // FF2020
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DOCUMENTARY The collected documents of a young Iranian man reveal the facts of a real migration – and the fiction of a success story. A journey is reconstructed – from mobile phone texts, protocols of phone calls and the questionnaires of various immigration services: the trek of 20-year old Shahin from Iran to Europe, where he hopes to find a better life. The further he gets from his home country, the bigger the discrepancy between his hopes and the wretchedness of his reality. Shahin has to become a story-teller to reassure his relatives back home.


VIVIANNE PERELMUTER was born in Brazil and after studying political sciences and philosophy trained to become a cameraperson and director at the Paris film school La Fémis. ISABELLE INGOLD is an editor and film-maker and also studied at La Fémis. Ailleurs, Partout is their first film collaboration.



Ailleurs, Partout

Documentary Feature

French, English, Farsi




63 min

OV with English subtitles

Isabelle Ingold, Vivianne Perelmuter

Isabelle Ingold, Vivianne Perelmuter

Shahin Parsa

Julie Frères

Live Webcams

Mikaël Barre, Clément Claude, Benoiît Biral, Nathalie Vidal

Isabelle Ingold, Vivianne Perelmuter



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