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A Song from Lisbon

OT: A Canção de Lisboa

Pedro Varela // Portugal, 2016
Fiction Feature // FF2017
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Medical student Vasco loves his life in Lisbon: he parties and goes dancing and loves to set the girls’ hearts a-flutter. And, naturally, with all the partying he doesn’t have that much time for his studies. To say nothing of a job. But that doesn’t matter, because his two aunts from the provinces are financing him at uni. But when he fails his final exams and the aunts announce they’re coming on a spontaneous visit, Vasco is in trouble. A Song From Lisbon is a fast-paced comedy and was a box office hit in Portugal.


PEDRO VARELA (*1974) started acting at 16. Since 2000, he also worked as a director in theatre and TV. A Song From Lisbon is his debut feature film.



A Canção de Lisboa

Fiction Feature





110 min

OV with English subtitles

Pedro Varela

José Cottinelli Telmo, Pedro Varela

César Mourão, Miguel Guilherme, Luana Martau, Maria Vieira, São José Lapa, Marcus Majella, Carla Vasconcelos, Dinarte Freitas, Dmitry Bogomolov, Nuria Mencia, Jani Zhao, Ruy de Carvalho

Leonel Vieira

José António Loureiro

Luca Alverdi, João Rebelo and João Fanfas

Nuno Malo – Miguel Araújo

Nuno Mello

Stopline; Sky Dreams Entertainment

Luís Silva, Stopline: luissilva@stopline.pt

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