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37 Seconds

OT: 37 Sekunden

Bettina Oberli // Germany, 2022
TV Series // FF2022



Between family and best friend: a woman fights to find out the truth. Lawyer Clara learns from her best friend Leonie that she was the victim of sexual violence at the hands of her ex-lover. Clara advises her to pursue the matter with maximum energy. Then she is shocked to discover that the lover was her own father, the well-known musician Carsten Andersen. A social media post by Leonie makes the case a public scandal. Clara is faced with an intense inner conflict during which her doubts grow: was it really rape? Or is a spurned lover out for revenge? A maelstrom of feelings and apparent truths dissolves everything that had hitherto seemed certain.


BETTINA OBERLI (*1972 in Interlaken, CH) studied direction at the Art University of Zurich. Then made successful films like Late Bloomers (2006) and The Murder Farm (2009) for which she also wrote the screenplays.


37 Sekunden

TV Series





90 min


Bettina Oberli

Julia Penner und David Sandreuter

Emily Cox, Jens Albinus, Paula Kober, Marie-Lou Sellem, Valentin Mirow, Camill Jammal, Denise M'Baye, Marc Benjamin, Martin Feifel uvm.

Britta Meyermann

Armin Dierolf

Christopher Trucks

Michael Schaerer, Cécile Welter, Hubert Schmelzer

Paul Eisenach & Jonas Hofer

Cedric Kraus

Tina Keimel-Sorge

Dorothee Weyers

Carolin Haasis (ARD Degeto)

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