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Prasanna Jayakody // Sri Lanka, 2014
Fiction Feature // FF2014
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Country bumpkins Abasiri and Mani won’t say no to a trip to Colombo, even if the occasion is a sad one: they have to bring back the corpse of a woman from their village. When Abasiri learns the identity of the woman, the mood changes – and the problems begin. The standard method of using an undertaker would cost too much, so in the end it has to be an ice cream van and its unwitting driver that transports the coffin through the breath-taking Sri Lankan landscape. Layer by layer, this melancholy road movie gains in depth, uncovering social chasms but without losing its light touch.





Fiction Feature


Asia Express//FF2014

Sri Lanka


98 min

OV with English subtitles

Prasanna Jayakody

Prasanna Jayakody

Mahendra Perera, Semini Iddhamalhgoda, Sarath Kothalawela, Rukmal Nirosh, Daya Thennakone

Rasitha Jinasena

Chandana Jayasinghe

Rangana Sinharage

Deshaka Bamunumulla

Nishanta Padmakumara

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