27.9. - 6.10.2018

NDR Young Talent Award

The NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk) has been sponsoring the NDR Young Talent Award at FILMFEST HAMBURG since 2012. The competition is aimed at filmmakers showing their feature film debut or their second film at FILMFEST HAMBURG. The NDR Young Talent Award includes prize money of 5,000 euros and replaces the award "Die Elfe" which has been awarded at Filmfest Hamburg every year since 2008.
Award Winner 2017
Director: Eliza Hittman


Jury 2018

Kilian Riedhof
Regisseur und Drehbuchautor
Michael Lehmann
Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung Studio Hamburg Production Group
Martina Plura

Nominated Films


FF 2017 | Argentina 2016 | 65 Min. | OV with english st
Director: Mariano González
rated for 0 + years
After two years in prison, Cesar now works in a small balloon factory in a suburb of Buenos Aires. His everyday life is characterized by the tedium …


FF 2017 | Brazil 2017 | 75 Min. | OV with english st
Director: Juliana Antunes
rated for 0 + years
DOCUMENTARY The favelas on the outskirts of the Brazilian metropolis Belo Horizonte have women's names. Leidiane and Andreia are friends and live in …

Beach Rats

FF 2017 | USA 2017 | 95 Min. | OV with german s.t.
Director: Eliza Hittman
rated for 0 + years
Summer in Coney Island. Teenager Frankie is a drifter: during the day, he hangs with his friends on the beach, smoking weed. But neither his macho …

The Cakemaker

FF 2017 | Israel, Germany 2016 | 104 Min. | OV with german s.t.
Director: Ofir Raul Graizer
rated for 0 + years
Thomas, a confectioner from Berlin, is having an affair with Oren, a married Israeli. Their relationship ends abruptly when Oren has a fatal accident …

Es war einmal Indianerland

FF 2017 | Germany 2017 | 97 Min. | OV with english st
Director: Ilker Catak
rated for 0 + years
A high-rise estate in Hamburg. The young boxer Mauser falls in love with Jackie (Emilia Schüle) a red-haired girl from a wealthy family. When his …

The First Lap

FF 2017 | South Korea 2017 | 101 Min. | OV with english st
Director: Kim Dae-hwan
rated for 0 + years
Ji-young works at a TV channel, her boyfriend Su-hyeon lectures in art. They've lived together for six years and are fundamentally happy in their …

A Fish Out of Water

FF 2017 | Taiwan 2017 | 91 Min. | OV with english st
Director: Lai Kuo-An
rated for 0 + years
Yi-an's parents are shocked when he asks them to help him find his "previous parents". Is their son mentally ill? Is he overwrought because he's just …

How Viktor “the Garlic” took Alexey “the Stud” to the nursing home

FF 2017 | Russia 2017 | 90 Min. | OV with english st
Director: Alexander Hant
rated for 0 + years
Victor lives with a woman he doesn't love and has a child that wasn't planned. When his father suddenly turns up after years away – fresh out of …


FF 2017 | Romania 2017 | 100 Min. | OV with english st
Director: Cristi Iftime
rated for 0 + years
Costi is planning to spend a few days with his family in a mountain hut. On the spur of the moment, he persuades his father Sandu, who has long lived …

Montparnasse Bienvenüe

FF 2017 | France 2017 | 97 Min. | OV with german s.t.
Director: Léonor Serraille
rated for 0 + years
After a long stay in Mexico, Paula returns to Paris. With no money and no plans for the future, one after another she gets in touch with her old …

No Date, No Signature

FF 2017 | Iran 2017 | 104 Min. | OV with german s.t.
Director: Vahid Jalilvand
rated for 0 + years
Pathologist Dr. Nariman has a car accident in which an 8-year old is injured. The doctor offers to take the boy to hospital, but his father refuses. …

Satan Said Dance

FF 2017 | Poland, Netherlands 2016 | 97 Min. | OV with english st
Director: Kasia Rosłaniec
rated for 0 + years
Karolina is a writer and obsessed with parties, sex and drugs. Her life is a tightrope walk between extreme euphoria and disappointment, and studded …