27.9. - 6.10.2018

Sichtwechsel Film Award

For the first time, FILMFEST HAMBURG would like to honour directors who work in other countries across national and cultural borders and create films with the Sichtwechsel Film Award, donated by the Federal Foreign Office. Both filmmakers who were forced to leave their home countries and also filmmakers, who for artistic or private reasons create films outside their home countries and feel that this new perspective brings enrichment to their artistic work, will be considered. A total of up to twelve films will be nominated from the programme across all sections. The award includes a prize of 10,000 euros and will be decided by an international jury.

Preisträgerin 2017
Director and script: Nele Wohlatz

Jury 2018

Katarzyna Wielga-Skolimowska
Wissenschaftliche Referentin Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
Monika Treut
Autorin, Regisseurin & Produzentin
Cécile Tollu-Polonowski
Junior Producer, Mitglied der Redaktion Revolver, Zeitschrift für Film

Nominated Films

Birds Are Singing in Kigali

FF 2017 | Poland 2017 | 113 Min. | OV with german s.t.
Director: Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzysztof Krauze
rated for 0 + years
Ruanda, 1994. The Polish ornithologist Anna is on a field trip when the genocide of the Tutsis at the hands of the Hutus breaks out. Anna manages to …

The Future Perfect

FF 2017 | Argentina 2016 | 65 Min. | OV with english st
Director: Nele Wohlatz
rated for 0 + years
HYBRID Xiaobin is 17 and doesn't speak a word of Spanish when she arrives in Argentina. While her family live in their own parallel universe, the …


FF 2017 | France, Afghanistan 2016 | 84 Min. | OV with english st
Director: Louis Meunier
rated for 0 + years
In the 1970s, the Aryub cinema was the most elegant in Kabul. It was a time of peace and joy that was swept away by civil war and tyranny. It is only …

The Killing of a Sacred Deer

FF 2017 | United Kingdom, Ireland 2017 | 109 Min. | OV with german s.t.
Director: Yorgos Lanthimos
rated for 0 + years
Steven (Colin Farell) and Anna (Nicole Kidman) and their sons Bob and Kim seem to be the perfect family: she is head of an eye clinic, he a heart …

Long Echo

FF 2017 | Germany 2017 | 87 Min. | OV with german s.t.
Director: Veronika Glasunowa, Lukasz Lakomy
rated for 0 + years
DOCUMENTARY Dobropillja lies in East Ukraine, 70km from the embattled border to the areas held by pro-Russian separatists. At first glance, the …


FF 2017 | France 2017 | 96 Min. | OV with english st
Director: Emmanuel Gras
rated for 0 + years
DOCUMENTARY In Kolwezi, a town in Southern Congo, a young man works as a charcoal burner, making charcoal to sell in the town. The roads he has to …

The Rider

FF 2017 | USA 2017 | 104 Min. | OV with german s.t.
Director: Chloé Zhao
rated for 0 + years
After a rodeo accident, Brady has to get used to having a metal plate in his head. What is far worse for the cowboy is the fact that he can never …

Soldiers. Story from Ferentari

FF 2017 | Romania, Serbia, Belgium 2017 | 119 Min. | OV with german s.t.
Director: Ivana Mladenovic
rated for 0 + years
Anthropologist Adi has been dumped by his girlfriend. To distract himself, he surrounds himself with work. He moves to Ferentari, the poorest part of …

Some Like It Veiled

FF 2017 | France 2017 | 87 Min. | OV with german s.t.
Director: Sou Abadi
rated for 0 + years
Armand and Leila are a couple and would like to go to New York to do a practical at the United Nations. But everything is put on hold when Leila's …

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

FF 2017 | USA 2017 | 115 Min. | OV with german s.t.
Director: Martin McDonagh
rated for 0 + years
After months have passed without her daughter's murderer being identified, Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand) takes drastic steps. She paints …

Worst Case, We Get Married

FF 2017 | Canada, Switzerland 2017 | 91 Min. | OV with german s.t.
Director: Léa Pool
rated for 0 + years
Aïcha (Sophie Nélisse) is an angry young woman. Angry with her mother, who has thrown her stepfather out. Angry with her stepfather, because he's …