27.9. - 6.10.2018

3 Fragen an...

Wir haben den Filmemachern des diesjährigen Programms drei Fragen gestellt. Heute antwortet Meni Yaesh, Regisseurin des Films Our Father.
1) Was macht für Sie einen guten Film aus?

In my opinion, what characterizes a good film, is a good story. A story that people can relate to. Once you can relate to the story and the characters...then the genre doesn't really matter. It could work with a comedy, a drama, an action movie, even with an horror one .

2) Was ist das Beste an Filmfestivals?

The thing I enjoy the most in film festivals is to meet the public and see how it reacts to the film. It gives a lot of input to my film.

3) Was ist für Sie der am meisten unterschätzte Film?

One of the most underrated film is in my opinion "End of Watch" (2012). It's a small film directed by David Ayer, he wrote also "Training Day" (another great film). I loved it because of his action style and his documentary cinematography style. Michael Pena and Jake Gyllenhall are really authentic and I really believed in their characters.